Stage and role

Stage:For Scratch programming, a stage is given to program your own interactive stories, games, and animations. You can think of as a school play. The stage is where the viewer sees the play.

Sprites:To create an interactive stories, roles are needed for all different kind of drama. You can think of Sprites are actors or characters in the play, and our mDesigner sprites are stand-by!

Detail explanation of Scratch operation system

  • Green Flag: When clicked, all Green Flag Clicked Blocks activate.
  • Stop Sign: When clicked, it stops allScripts(code) that are running.
  • Backdrop: There can be onlyoneBackdrop.Itcan be changed,and you can also design your own.
  • Sprites: There can be multiple Sprites on the Stage. You can also design your own.

Sprites and Backdrop :This section allows you to select,edit,and create Sprites and Backdrops. Selecting a Sprite or Backdrop is done by clicking on it from this section.

Sounds Pane

Costumes Pane :When a Sprite is selected, the middle tab becomes a Costume pane. You can design Costimes for your currently selected Sprite. Costumes can be thought of as a different image/appearance for your Sprite.